Amazon & Azores Cruise

The Amazon is one of the last wildernesses on the planet. A sea of jungle hide a vast range of tropical animal and insect species, plus a mind boggling range of plants and flowers. This truly is a the cruise for those with an adventure spirit who want to immerse themselves in nature.

The Amazon is no doubt the crown jewel of this cruise, however the fun and luxury start the moment you step aboard the incredible vessel. Departing from British shores, you will cruise towards warmer climates and soon there will be plenty of opportunities to sunbath on deck and mingle with fellow like minded single passengers.  

On this awe inspiring cruise you will stop off at the incredible and famous Îles du Salut, five sun soaked islands of the West Indies, Cape Cerde and the Azores. From there you will cruise onto the Amazon, to experience first hand with one of our guides, the magic of the rain forest.


Amazon & Azores

Departures from 08 Jan 2020
9.6 Excellent
From € 5499
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