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Nestled in the South East of Europe between Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the Black Sea, Bulgaria is a beautiful, scenic country with a fascinating history. The country’s climate, especially its hot summers, would normally make it a holiday hotspot, but travellers from the West are still coming to terms with the country’s opening up, which means it’s a perfect timeto visit – the resorts are buzzing rather than overcrowded, and the tourists are those who like to try something off the beaten track. In short, it’s a great place to take a singles holiday, and is proving to be one of our most popular destinations.

A great way to see the country is on foot, and walking holidays in Bulgaria are certainly growing in reputation as more tourists experience this wonderful territory. You’ll take in wonderful vistas of hills, mountains, villages and coastlines, and breathe in the scent of the delicious flora as you go.

There’s also the brilliant Black Sea coastline, dotted with fishing villages and gorgeous beaches, and it’s this attraction that’s pulling increasing numbers of visitors to sample a relaxed way of life on a more traditional beach holiday. It’s really worth paying some attention to Bulgaria right now – it’s going to be massive.

Bulgaria experiences four very distinct seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, as it enjoys both a combination of Mediterranean and continental climates.

Bulgaria’s coastline sees a Mediterranean climate, where temperatures are often milder than the rest of the country, owing to the cooling off shore breezes from the Black Sea – a welcomed relief in the summer months.  The plains and valleys in the north and south a relatively dry climate with very hot summers and very cold winters, with the south experiencing warmer weather.

Spring sees temperatures flutter between 15-25 °C in Bulgaria, steadily increasing between the months March to June.  The season sees less sunshine than summer, and rain is infrequent, therefore it provides the perfect conditions for hiking, taking in the blossoms and mountainous fauna.

In the summer months expect hot, dry temperatures, with blue skies, endless hours of sunshine (average of 10 hours per day) and temperatures reaching into the 30 degrees Celsius, perfect for kicking back and relaxing on Bulgaria’s many beaches or taking in the sites, whilst trying local delicacies.

Winters are long and cold, especially in the mountainous regions, where snow is plentiful. These Alpine conditions make it a skiers paradise, with the resorts of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets appealing to people far and wide, owing to their great runs and après ski, where you can happily ski until the end of March


The people of Bulgaria are known for their warmth and laid-back attitudes, so expect to be welcomed with open arms on visiting the country.

Bulgarians are proud of their culture and heritage, with folklore and traditions forming the backbone of many stories passed between family and friends. You will often see traditional costumes and dancing, especially in the local villages as the arts, music, and dance remain very important to them as a nation.

Family remains an extremely important value within the Bulgarian culture, with frequent family gatherings and celebrations ingrained not only within their culture, but much of society too.  Meals are often extended occasions with family and friends, often over two hours in length.


A simple handshake is often the norm when greeting people for the first time, as social etiquette remains rather formal in Bulgaria. If you don’t know the person it is courtesy to acknowledge them with their title and surname.

Tipping: In Bulgaria tipping is customary – most service staff are paid insufficiently, and have become accustomed to foreign tourists contributing to their livelihood, so a small tip, usually around 10% of the bill will be warmly appreciated.

Greetings & Language

If you’re looking to socialise whilst in Bulgaria, it’s handy to have a few simple phrases on hand to converse with the locals.

To say hi, it’s pronounced ‘Sdrawei’ and Good-bye is Do-vizh-dane.

To say good morning it’s pronounced ‘Dobro utro’ whilst good evening is Dobar wecher.

Be sure not to forget your please and thank yous, to say thank you it’s ‘Mnogo blagodaria’, and please it’s ‘Molya’.

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