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Croatia is formed from over a thousand stunning islands, nestled in the glorious Adriatic Sea this Eastern European country is renowned for its sweeping coastlines and crystal-clear sapphire-blue waters. Croatia is the perfect choice for your singles holiday experience. It combines natural beauty in the form of its numerous beaches, underground caverns, striking waterfalls and the majestic Dinaric Alps; as well as historical and cultural interest with a plethora of charming castles, medieval ruins, intriguing museums and grand Gothic and Renaissance architecture. From rustic family-run taverns to the finest dining experiences, with so many fresh ingredients available from the sea and the land, this is a singles holiday that you'll treasure for many years to come. 

With its long coastline on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia situated in Eastern Europe enjoys two different climates, one for the interior of the country and the other for places on the coastline.

On Croatia’s vast expanse of coastline, the weather is typically Mediterranean with hot, arid summers reaching temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius, with cooling breezes off the sea. Winters remain moderately mild, though often wet, with temperatures never reaching below 5 degrees Celsius, owing to this the coastline enjoys an abundance of tourists all year round due to mild autumn and winter temperatures and the frequency of blue skies and sunny days, perfect for taking in the stunning sites of Dubrovnik.

Towards the interior of Croatia the weather is more seasonal, with blisteringly hot summers and harsh winters, especially near to the lowlands of Pannonian Plains. Summers are known to reach into the high 30’s and cities can become hot and sticky with little air, owing to the lack of refreshing cool breezes from the Adriatic Sea. It is known to snow heavily in winter with temperatures dropping to below freezing.

Owing to its beautiful scenery and culture, Croatia can be visited all year round. However is most popular during the summer months when the weather is at its hottest and driest. May and September are often considered the best times to visit when the country isn’t stiflingly hot and you’ll avoid the crowds of holiday makers. 


Known warmly as the pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities surrounded by fortresses overlooking the tranquil majestic blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Apart from being picture postcard pretty, the city has lots to offer including fine dining, lively bars, history and culture, with an historic medieval centre that rivals most European cities.

Paklinski Islands

Located a short boat ride off the coast and harbour of Hvar lies an archipelago of 20 islands known as The Pakleni, or Paklinski offering superb snorkelling opportunities, owing to its rich marine life and crystal clear waters. The islands also offer those looking to escape the busy city the perfect place to relax on pure sandy beaches, with an abundance of restaurants and bars dotted around the isles waiting to invite you in.


No trip to Croatia would be complete without a trip to Hvar famous for being a luxurious beach destination, but also for its rich heritage and culture. A walking tour of the city will enable you to discover hidden gems, whilst providing a breadth of knowledge and overview of Hvar town, 15th-century Franciscan monastery and excellent views over the islands.


The people of Croatia are traditionally warm, friendly and sociable. Family is an extremely important value within the Croatia’s culture, with frequent family gatherings and celebrations ingrained within their daily lifestyle.

Owing to the numerous conquests Croatia has gone through, Croats are particularly patriotic taking pride in safeguarding their country’s folklore and traditional customs, by entertaining dancing, singing and dressing in traditional costumes to keep things alive.

Croatians take great pride in their food, with the cuisine being a mixture of many influences from around the country. Breakfast is often simple, coffee with bread and Jam, whilst a late lunch is considered the main meal of the day. 


Unlike their neighbours Croatians aren’t particularly touchy feely, on initial meetings, greetings tend to be formal and reserved.  A simple handshake with direct eye contact is often the norm when holding initial conversations with people. However, closer acquaintances will often embrace with a kiss on each cheek.

Tipping: In Croatia it is expected that you tip 10%, even if there is a service charge already applied to the bill. If you are extremely satisfied with the service you received, it’s good tipping etiquette to tip 15% on top.

Greetings & Language

If you’re looking to socialise whilst on holiday, it’s handy to have a few simple phrases on hand to converse with the locals.

To say hello, it’s ‘Bok’

Good morning is ‘Dobro jutro’

Good day is ‘Dobro dan’

Good evening is ‘Dobro veer’

Be sure not to forget your please and thank yous, to say thank you it’s ‘Hvala’ and please is ‘Molim’.


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